Proactive, Not Reactive Policing

"It has become clear that the current administration at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office operates on a reactionary basis rather than from a proactive stance. It is absolutely critical that we completely overhaul the mindset of how we go about the business of protecting the residents of Hamilton County. We need a leader who will identify potential problems and find solutions before they become pressing issues. As a police officer, you have to think many steps ahead to keep yourself and the community safe - our Sheriff's Office should operate the same way."

-Bruce Hoffbauer, candidate for Hamilton County Sheriff

Fight Street Level Crime

Right now the Hamilton County Sheriff's office lacks a vice team dedicated to fighting street level crime like street corner drug deals, prostitution, and theft. 

In order to root out crime and keep the community safe, we need to reorganize the department to focus efforts on cleaning up this crime on our streets.

Effectively Manage the Budget

The current Sheriff was once quoted saying that "he's a cop, not a budget guy." As Sheriff you're much more than just a police officer, you're a law enforcement executive. Keeping the department's financial house in order is critical.

Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Again, the strategy on the opioid epedemic has always been reactionary rather than proactive. While continuing the work of getting addicted people help, it is critical that we cut the flow of drugs into the community. While a large focus has been put on the "big" drug busts, we need that street level vice team cutting off the flow of drugs on our streets.

Collaboration with Other County Offices

In order for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, and the county at large, to work well it is important for our elected leaders to have an open relationship built on trust. Rather than coming hat in hand to the Commissioners during budget requests, there needs to be communication between the Sheriff and Commissioners on an almost daily basis.

Cleaning up the Culture

There is very much a top down culture at the Sheriff's office. With a top heavy organizational structure in place, there have been a number of personnel issues in the upper echelon's of the organization. There needs to be clear accountability and expectations put in place. Bruce will lead by example - something that has been lacking in recent years.

Implement Consistent Leadership

There's only been one thing in the Sheriff's office that has been consistent - inconsistency. 

Rather than wandering aimlessly, Bruce will implement a clear direction to everyone in the office.

Improve and Expand Jail Space

There's no doubt that jail space has become an issue in Hamilton County. Bruce will explore the potential of starting a "Jail Improvement Fund" where funds will be set aside each year to save up for jail improvements. Additionally, Bruce will form a committee to discuss the specific needs for improving the jail.

Communicate with Rank and File of the Department

Coming from the rank and file himself, Bruce thinks it is critical that the deputies on the street have a voice in decision making. Bruce will implement a monthly roundtable where he will invite in people from all parts of the organization to hear what's happening on the ground level. Bruce will be down in the trenches with the men and women he serves with daily.


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